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We're so excited you're interested in pursuing a coffee fundraiser with us. Hundreds of groups like yours have raised thousands of dollars for their causes, while providing meals to children at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños Orphanage in Honduras. For more information or to get a fundraiser started, fill out the contact form below. For every bag of coffee your group sells, you earn $5 toward your cause, and we provide one meal to a child. We also offer custom labels and free shipping on orders of coffee over 50 pounds.

Want the basics? Download our Fundraising Resource Guide!

Two ways to fundraise with Buena Vida Coffee 

 Pre-sales allow individual group members to sell to family, friends and co-workers while earning $5 for every bag they sell. 

When your group’s fundraiser is over, have your fundraising coordinator place one large group order hereWe will roast and ship your coffee in 2-4 weeks! 

Event sales enable groups to sell brewed Buena Vida Coffee by the cup. These fundraisers have been hugely successful on college campuses or when paired with bake sales. Each 1-pound bag of coffee brews 30 cups, making it an effective way to turn a profit for your group.


Because all coffee is roasted fresh and packaged to order, depending upon total volume, delivery will take 2-4 weeks. After your order is placed, our team members can give you a more accurate delivery estimate.

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