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Why should I choose Buena Vida Coffee?

Buena Vida Coffee is committed to remaining a socially responsible company, which means that we measure our impact by the number of meals we are able to provide. We place a heavy focus on sourcing our beans from sustainable and socially responsible communities. We also make an effort to buy and sell certified organic and fair-trade coffee whenever possible. We support the Milwaukee community through our partnership with Stone Creek Coffee, and donate our profits to Sociedad Amigos de los Niños. For every bag of coffee you purchase from Buena Vida Coffee, you impact the life of a child. Additionally, groups earn $5 on every bag of coffee they sell, making Buena Vida Coffee a profitable fundraising mechanism compared to bake sales, magazine sales or other common fundraisers.

Can I lose money on a Buena Vida Coffee pre-sale fundraiser?

No, if your group is hosting a pre-sale fundraiser, you will only order enough coffee to fill the orders your group has already taken. With pre-sale fundraisers, you also do not have to front any money because you simply pay for your order with the money you've already collected. The only way you stand to lose money on a pre-sale fundraiser is if you sell fewer than two bags of coffee because of shipping. If you sell only one bag of coffee, your profit would be $5.00 and your shipping would be $9.00, at two bags of coffee, your profit would be $10.00 and your shipping would be $9.00. To allow you to keep as much profit as possible, we are also able to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders of coffee over 50 pounds.

How do groups earn the $5 on every bag they sell?

Group members will collect orders and payments from friends, family and co-workers before ordering coffee from us. We sell our coffee to fundraising groups at wholesale prices: 1-pound bags at $9.95 Typically, we recommend groups sell bags at $15.00 each. This leaves groups with a $5.05 profit from each bag they sell. While a $5.05 mark-up is what most groups opt for, we have had several successful groups who have sold our coffee for as little as $12.00 per pound and as much as $20.00 per pound. Ultimately, your selling price is your decision.

Why can't I access the page to place my order?

We've updated our system, which now requires an account assigned permission to access the wholesale ordering page. If you need to place a fundraising or other wholesale order, you should make an account with us and then let us know that you need access to the wholesale page. Upon signing up for a fundraiser, we automatically create accounts for those that need one, and send an account activation link. If we forget, we apologize. Just remind us!

Are any of your coffees Fair Trade?

You'll probably notice that our selection of Fair Trade coffee is limited. That's because we share a philosophy with our roaster of being committed to learning the entire story of our coffee, which means forming relationships with individual farmers. We call this Farm to Cup. What this means is we are more focused on sourcing coffee from farms and producers we, or our roaster, have seen or formed a relationship with. So while not certified fair trade we can guarantee you that these producers are getting a just as good, if not better deal through our direct relationships. Just look for the Farm to Cup logo on the label and you'll know.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Because of all our coffee is roasted and packaged fresh delivery time depends on the size of you order. Generally, You will receive your coffee within 2-3 weeks. Feel free to email us at orders@buenvidacoffee.com with questions. We can give you a better estimate after you place your order.

Can you provide custom labels?

Yes, we can! We have an in-house graphic designer who can work with groups to create custom labels for large orders, free of charge. If you are interested in having a custom label, please notify us as soon as possible, due to a longer processing period. Please note that groups that choose to use a custom label are then limited to one regular coffee and then our decaf. 

Do you provide cups or creamer for event sale fundraisers?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to provide you with cups or creamers for your event sales. We recommend purchasing from a supplier or in bulk to save money.

I still have questions!

If we weren't able to answer your questions here, please let us know! Fill out a contact form or email us at info@buenavidacoffee.com, and a representative will be in touch with you within one business day. We always appreciate hearing from you!