Spotlight on Coffee Producer!

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Aldea Global is one of the leading coffee exporters in Nicaragua. The company incorporates sustainable farming practices, and promotes gender equality and fair-trade labor conditions. Juana de Lourdes Pineda Rosales is from Jinotega, Nicaragua. She is a 56 year old mother of five and has been on the Board of Directors of Aldea Global for 12 years.

Juana is a community leader and organizer. She recruited 60 women from her town and through the sales of her grocery business, she bought a plot of land. Through the help of her community and her entrepreneurial spirit, she has become a Fair Trade coffee producer under Aldea Global.

Here at Buena Vida Coffee, we are grateful for the great care and the quality of her coffee beans and enjoy knowing her personally.

As she always says, "God will bless the work I do with my hands!"



Buena Vida Team

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