Introducing the 2016 Buena Vida Team!

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The fall semester has begun and the Buena Vida Coffee has been poured! Introducing our team for the 2016 semester...

The leader of the group is Tim Donovan, our CEO. Tim is a junior studying finance and real estate. Tim loves water sports. He is looking forward to applying what he has learned in the classroom to a real world setting. He’s passionate about giving back and enjoys collaborating with students from other majors.

Buena Vida’s accounts specialist is junior, Mike Anders. Mike is studying accounting and is from Buffalo, NY. He enjoys being outdoors and playing soccer. Mike is excited to work closely with both the customers and the suppliers to ensure that each order is delivered to the highest standards. Mike plans to improve the efficiency of the Buena Vida information system to make orders fulfilled faster.

Our partnerships and outreach coordinator is Juliet Checksfield. She is a senior studying corporate communications and marketing. Juliet loves to travel and is planning a trip after graduation spanning across 6 different continents. She is most looking forward to making long-lasting relationships with new partners who care about the mission and values of Buena Vida. Juliet is excited to help grow the organization and of course the free coffee!

Jc Diaz is our PR assistant. She is a senior studying public relations, advertising and film studies. She is very passionate about film, specifically independent films. Jc is looking forward to working with a not-for-profit and putting to use all she has learned during her three years at Marquette.

The new graphic designer for Buena Vida is Catherine Strietmann. Catherine is a junior studying finance and accounting. Although, she is a double major in such analytical fields, she has a great interest in design and art and always searches for ways to work creatively during her free time. She is excited to work creatively for a good cause, such as supporting the children at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños.

The new team is so excited to get started and create new ideas to expand Buena Vida, raise more awareness and provide more meals for the children at Sociedad Amigos de los Niños orphanage in Honduras!

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