Celebrate Social Responsibility with Fair Trade Month!

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Here at Buena Vida Coffee, you could say we like coffee. Well, actually, we love it. We talk about it every day, but we are taking it a step further in celebrating Fair Trade Month throughout October. Fair trade is a social movement whose goal is to help farmers, producers, and communities in developing countries in order to improve their social, economic, and trading conditions. Buena Vida fully supports this movement, and we try to partner with Fair Trade and other socially responsible organizations to further promote our dedication to helping various communities gain economic stability. We also do our best to source our coffee beans from smaller farms in Central America. We like to create relationships with each of the farmers. In order to get the best crop of bean possible, we ensure that our farmers are provided with the necessities they need to grow their coffee bean crop.

Because we want you to enjoy our socially responsible coffee in every way possible, here are a couple different brewing methods to try at home. Kick your Keurig to the curb, step out of your comfort zone, and try something new.

1)    French Press

o   Brew Time: 4:30 (depending on the size of the French Press)

o   A French press is a coffee pot that comes in various sizes. Each one contains a plunger made with a fine mesh. Put the coffee grounds beneath the plunger, add the hot water, wait a couple of minutes, and plunge away!

2)    Chemex

o   Brew Time: 3:30

o   Use a Chemex filter and brewer. Rinse the filter with some hot water and discard that water. Place the grounds in the filter. Slowly pour the water over the grounds. Remove the filter, pour yourself a hot cup of joe, and enjoy the aromas

3)     AeroPress

o   Brew Time: Under 2 minutes

o   Prepare the AeroPress by placing the filter in the basket. Rinse the filter and discard the rinse water. Place the entire AeroPress on top of your mug, remove the funnel, and add the hot water into the brewer. Stir the coffee, then place the plunger on top of the brewer and let it sit. Push down on the plunger slowly with steady pressure. Lastly, enjoy the perfection that is coffee.

As you sip on your freshly brewed coffee, visit fairtradeusa.org to learn other ways you can support the movement and become Fair Trade friendly.

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