Celebrate International Peace Day Today!

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“I call on all warring parties to lay down their weapons and observe a global cease fire. To them I say: stop the killings and the destruction, and create space for lasting peace.” -UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Back in 1981, The United Nations established September 21 to be the International Day of Peace. However, the first Peace Day celebrated was in 1982, but it did not stop there. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that established September 21 to also be an annual day of non-violence and cease fire.

Each year, the UN creates a different theme for Peace Day. This year’s theme is “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for all.” In hopes to build a more united society, the UN encourages different groups and organizations to work together in order to help facilitate peace across the world.

In honor of this day, I encourage you to go out and make peace. Get involved with an organization that supports a cause you are passionate about. Forgive someone who you haven’t forgiven yet. Give second chances. Love one another. Be there for one another. It is up to us to create a better tomorrow.

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