Sociedad Amigos De Los Nños: How It Began

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Buena Vida Coffee would not be the company that it is without its connection to the Honduran orphanage, Sociedad Amigos De Los Niños. It was founded by Sister Maria Rosa, who was an orphan herself and wanted a chance to give others hope. Our mission is to sell a bag of coffee beans and for every bag sold, we provide a meal for a child living in this orphanage. Without our efforts to help these children, we would be a regular coffee company and our mission would not be as unique. When Kate Novotny traveled to Honduras and had the idea for Buena Vida Coffee, it was in honor of this organization so that the children of the orphange had a chance at a better life.

Sociedad Amigos de Los Niños is located in the city of Tegucigalpa, where there are many people not living the way they should. For over 40 years, the founder, Sister Maria Rosa has created a place where children can become more self-reliant and optimistic. Sister Maria Rosa experienced the mistreatment of being an orphan and it became her mission to create better living conditions for these children. Currently, 35,000 children have been rescued as well as educated from the orphanage and the support that it receives. Sociedad Amigos De Los Niños provides assistance not only for children but for families, mothers, young people, and people living in poverty. They attend to all areas of life including education, safety, healthcare, as well as training. The overall goal is to create a safe environment where people can come together and become more self-sufficient.



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