Accion Bridges the Gap and Provides “the good life” for Entrepreneurs

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By: Madison Snider of Accion Chicago


Accion Chicago believes strong communities are built by supporting small businesses. Often entrepreneurs encounter a common problem: lack of access to capital. By providing small business loans and financial counseling to existing and start-up businesses unable to access capital, Accion Chicago bridges the financing gap and helps strengthen the communities we love.


Much like Buena Vida Coffee, which is always brewing in our office (read more here), we strive to bring “the good life” to our local communities. Entrepreneurs need support. Communities need entrepreneurs who provide economic opportunity. By providing capital to community businesses we are able to keep the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients alive and help make their dreams flourish.


At Accion we believe every entrepreneur should have equal opportunity to achieve “the good life.” For a small business in Illinois and Indiana, our average loan size of $9,000 is often the perfect amount to keep their business running and growing at a healthy rate. These loans, however, are not something you’ll find through a bank, and more predatory options such as a merchant cash advance, can be extremely damaging to a small business. Accion Chicago meets the entrepreneur where they are, fills the gap of access to capital, and brings “the good life” to our clients every day.


Since our inception in 1994, Accion has made nearly 4,000 small business loans totaling $31 million in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. We offer loans from $500 - $100,000 for businesses that qualify. We are part of the Accion Network, the largest microfinance network in the U.S.


Learn more about Accion Chicago here.


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