The 2015 #Sharethegoodlife Challenge

Posted by Lindsay Jackson on

We hope that your 2015 has been filled with laughter, new adventures as well as delicious coffee! On December 31st, we released a video with a challenge to all of you for 2015,  to #sharethegoodlife. We interviewed different students from Marquette to tell us what they believe #sharethegoodlife means to them. The answers ranged from being kind to sharing what they have been given in their life with others. At Buena Vida Coffee, our goal is not only to provide great coffee and hot chocolate, but also to provide meals to the children at Sociedad.

So what does this mean? How does one get involved? Simply add #sharethegoodlife to the end of your posts on various social media platforms along with anything that shows how you impact the lives of others, and the ways that others are beneficial to your life as well. The goal is inspire others across the country to think consciously about actions each and every day. Through pictures and informative posts, we can all cultivate a trend that reflects what we strive for here at Buena Vida. So get your friends or family together, decide what #sharethegoodlife means to you, and share. Happy posting!

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