Just Beat IT: How to Crush the Finals Blues

Posted by Ariana Moshref on

This is such a confusing time a year. We are happy because Christmas and the holidays are upon us, but then we have finals looming over our heads. We only have ONE WEEK to get through before enjoying a blissful month off with our friends and family. But how do we get through this week? How do we keep our sanity? How do we survive it all? One word: coffee. Now presenting, "how to make it through finals with and CRUSH IT: a comprehensive step-by-step guide."


1. Coffee. Just do it. Hook up an IV, stock up, hire a person to make hourly coffee runs for you, but do whatever it takes to stay. a. wake. You have things to do, A's to get, tests to crush. You cannot fall victim to "sleep." Sleep is for the weak, and you, my friend, are NOT weak.

2. Create a rewards system. For every chapter covered, give yourself a small treat (aka: Netflix). Or for every section. Or for every sentence...

This is so accurate.

3. Practice your happy dance. During finals week, even the smallest things deserve celebration. Woke up on time? *happy dance* Made time to eat? *happy dance* And we all know you're going to need to bust out the moves at the end of every test. *happppyyyy dannnceeee*

4. Daily affirmations. You are smart. You are kind. You are important. You got this.

5. REJOICE!! You made it, you little trooper you! Now go eat Christmas cookies.

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