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Global Brigades, Aldea Global...BVC loves to support worthwhile, unique organizations that are really doing their part to make deserving lives better. Aldea Global, by definition, is an association working for the progress of rural, farming families that lead in profitable businesses, in harmony with God, the environment, social responsibility, and gender equity. They offer coffee exports, financial and non-financial services, and a vegetable hub for families. AG is Nicaragua's 9th largest green coffee exporter & the 3rd largest small farmer association, which is a great feat for what started out as such a small initiative.

When Aldea Global first kicked off back in 1992, it was only comprised of 22 small farmer families. Now, in 2014, there are 1,890 families part of the organization! They are located in Jinotega, Nicaragua, a small area that produces 60% of all Nicaraguan coffee. Aldea Global farmers offer both fair trade and organic coffee, which is exactly what Buena Vida supports and sells ourselves. AG has been a certified small producer since 2012 and certified fair trade since 2004. Basically...they're legit!

In addition to producing awesome coffee, Aldea Global works to empower women and give them independence. They offer credit training, food security initiatives, and the opportunity for loans for the women that make up 31% of their members. They are committed to poverty reduction in the surrounding Jinotega area. By providing the opportunity for women and families to lift themselves into a better way of life, Aldea Global is successfully improving the lives of deserving people. Cheers to that!

Check out Aldea Global here.

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