#ShareTheGoodLife during Fair Trade Month

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You see it at the end of our tweets, interlaced in our website, and in our name: “#sharethegoodlife.” But what does it even mean? To us, it’s more than a phrase and a hashtag at the end of a tweet. It’s more than a marketing tactic. It is something we incorporate into our everyday lives, our own personal way of trying to make the world and our community a bit better. We are always looking for a way to give back, and this is our way of spreading positivity!


We asked a couple Buena Vida team members what sharing the good life means to them.


“Share the good life is a reminder that it is easy to make an impact where ever you go.” –Dan, CEO

“Share the good life means we should spread a little sunshine to everyone we meet” –Maggie, graphic designer

 “To me, sharing the good life means taking my talents, passions, and resources, and channeling them into doing something for the greater good.” –Kelsey, operations coordinator

“#sharethegoodlife means that as a community and individuals we can make a difference in lives halfway around the world and in our own backyard.” –Nellie, marketing coordinator


With Fair Trade Month kicking off today, there’s never been a better time to start incorporating #sharethegoodlife in YOUR life. Fair trade empowers farmers and gives them opportunity for a better life…a good life. We hope that this month serves as a perfect opportunity to introduce “the good life” into your everyday routine, and hopefully make it a habit. We think that once you start, it will be hard to stop.


Feeling inspired? Let us know how you plan to share the good life this month (and beyond) by commenting below!

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  • This month, I’m continuing to guide a group of 16 employees on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. We’re sponsoring a contest at work to not only lose weight, but to make better food choices, incorporate exercise into their daily lives, and to embrace the change that will inevitably resonate to those around them…employees who feel better, have more energy to spend with their family, and who hopefully, as a result, are happier individuals!

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