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Don’t you love the feeling of a new school year? New classes & teachers, new habits, and a fresh start! Here at Buena Vida, we’re feeling that “newness fever” and are instilling a brand new social media kickoff for the rest of the semester. Every weekday, we’ll be coming at you with an inspiring quote, fun fact about coffee, or a little motivation to get you through a tough week. We love you, our customers and followers, and we want to engage and influence you however we can! What type of theme days will we be implementing? Read on!


#MotivationMonday: The beloved Monday #hashtag will be commenced this coming week, in which we will provide you with a short but sweet quote to start your week on a high note, and give you that extra little push needed to get back into #workmode.


#TipTuesday: Maybe you drink coffee every morning, but how aware are you of the tricks of the trade of coffee? Every Tuesday, we will provide an easy coffee tip for you, to help you become the coffee aficionado hiding deep inside all of us!


#WisdomWednesday: Let’s be honest, we all need a little motivation when Wednesday rolls around. We’re halfway through, but still have a couple more days to go. That’s where we come in! Check our pages every Wednesday for an inspirational quote to fuel you through until Friday.


#TakeTimeThursday: Life is hectic. We are all constantly going, going, going, and it can be hard to carve out time to relax . Our Thursday goal is to provide you with the opportunity for a moment of reflection before gearing up for the weekend. Because isn’t #throwbackthursday getting a bit old?


#FairTradeFriday: If you’re a loyal Buena Vida supporter, then you know we only sell coffee that was grown and harvested in a fair and humane matter. But what does that mean? Every Friday, we will provide you with a fair trade fact, to help you become more aware of our cause and what we believe in.


We hope you are excited for these new #themedays as we are! We can’t wait to share this movement with you and hopefully inspire and inform you a little bit more each week.

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