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This spring, students at Ball State University completed a successful fundraiser with Buena Vida Coffee.



Denise Blackenberger, President of the Architecture Brigades at BSU, shared some great comments of what they were fundraising for and the impact they plan to make.

Global Brigades at BSU


"We are fundraising to go on an architecture brigade with Global Brigades to Honduras this December. We will be working on housing projects for underprivileged communities, which includes roofs, walls, and house additions. Global Brigades focuses on sustainable development programs that benefit the communities without their reliance on us as the volunteers. The funds we raise go towards travel expenses and program costs to complete the architecture projects. We are inspired by the potential we have to positively impact the lives of these people. We advise other groups to discover what motivates them just as we have and to work towards that goal, because that is what will ultimately make the most significant change in the world."


As Denise says it, finding what motivates you can give you the necessary boost or drive to achieve goals. In this case, the potential to impact the lives of many in Panama and Honduras. All it takes is finding something you are passionate about to set-off a series of motivating factors giving you the energy to attain remarkable objectives.

What's exciting about Global Brigades at BSU is that they completed their very first brigade, an environmental brigade, this past December. Check out some photos from their first ever brigade to Panama this past December. 

We wish all the members of Global Brigades at Ball State University the best of the luck as they continue to pursue their goals and make an impact in the lives of many.You can support them in their efforts and achieve their goals for their December 2014 brigade to Honduras by visiting here.




Dec. 2014 BSU Environmental Brigade- Panama



Dec. 2014 BSU Environmental Brigade- Panama




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