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Café Organica Marcala, better known as COMSA, is a co-op located in La Paz, Honduras. This is one of the poorest areas in the country, which depends on coffee and agriculture in order to survive. The members of COMSA grow high quality certified organic coffee, which is then purchased and sold to fair trade buyers all around the world.

In 2005 COMSO officially gained their fair trade certification, which ultimately led for wage increases for processing mill workers and construction canteen, construction of large coffee storage, organic compost & fertilizer production and distribution, support of community hospitals and scholarships for promising university students.

The COMSO Co-Op has led to successful and flourishing lives for many farm workers, construction workers & students who receive scholarships. On top of that, those individuals who get to enjoy a great cup of Buena Vida Coffee’s organic fair trade Honduran coffee every morning. Buena Vida Coffee is happy to say all of our Honduran coffee is from COMSA Co-Op. 

For more info about COMSA please visit website here!

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