(Almost) The Best-Tasting Coffee Money Can Buy

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"This is by far some of the best-tasting coffee money can buy. I've only had better coffee once in my life; it was made by an eighty-year-old Honduran lady with beans that had finished roasting earlier that morning, an unfair advantage in any contest." 

We recently received such inspiring feedback  from one of our top-selling fundraising groups this year. St. Louis University Global Medical Brigades, led by Anthony  Kuchem, sold just short of 300 lbs of coffee this month, raising over $1,200 for the group's trip to Honduras. It is moments like these that remind us why we do the work we do. 

This year's Buena Vida Coffee fundraiser was the second for the Global Brigades team at SLU, and Anthony said the success of the fundraiser has improved with time. With increased advertising and strategic planning for sales over school breaks, the organization raised over $1,200 toward their brigade costs. The organization plans to use the Buena Vida Coffee fundraiser again next year. Still, Anthony's reasons for why he would recommend the Buena Vida Coffee fundraiser were the cause for our cheers in the first place. "I would highly recommend Buena Vida fundraisers to other groups, mainly because the profits have a three-fold benefit," Anthony said, "First, the club gets almost exactly one-third of all proceeds, a large margin compared to many fundraisers. Second, purchasing this coffee is benefiting the people of Honduras, both providing meals to orphans at Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos and promoting fair trade agriculture for coffee farmers. Finally, we are supporting a grass-roots, not-for-profit business that began as a way to help others."

Anthony's words remind us what it means to give the good life, and inspires us to continue living the socially responsible mission of Buena Vida Coffee. Anthony, thank you for being a part of this mission, and best of luck to SLU Global Brigades on their trip.

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