Buena Vida Coffee team plans trip to Nicaragua

Posted by Daniel Klingelhoets on

This March three members of the Buena Vida Coffee team will be joining forces with Marquette Global Medical Brigades to explore the bean belt in Nicaragua. The team is looking to partner with local coffee farmers to bring fresh new blends to the company.  

Nicaragua is located south of Honduras, in between the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, making it an ideal location for rich, full body coffee beans. Coffee came to Nicaragua in the mid 1800’s and has been its primary source of foreign exchange for over 100 years. Like Honduras, Coffee farming in Nicaragua is a family affair. By partnering with farmers in Nicaragua, Buena Vida Coffee would be supporting fair trade farmers while at the same time bringing fresh coffee to its customers. 

Buena Vida Coffee is excited to pursue this new avenue and brainstorm more ways to make a global impact. By partnering with more coffee farmers, Buena Vida hopes to increase the amount of meals it donates to the Sociedad Amigos de los Niños orphanage in Honduras. 

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