McDonalds to Invest $6.5 million in Sustainable Coffee Farming

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When we think of our coffee competitors, McDonalds has never been a company we have had to worry about. But recently, McDonalds released a statement that they are planning to invest $6.5 million to ensure their coffee is sustaining coffee farmers in Central America. 

According to a March 4 article by, the investment will take place over the course of five years and is designed to help approximately 13,000 coffee farmers – most of which will be in Guatemala. They hope this investment will teach farmers to produce higher yields of coffee to increase profits and preserve the land and surrounding environment. 

McDonalds purchases coffee from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil and Sumatra. The investment comes at a time where many of these countries have been seeing a loss in production because of a dangerous fungal disease that has swept through Central America. McDonalds is working to find a solution to the problem so coffee production remains constant and sales among their premium-roast coffee continues to grow. 

As a not-for-profit coffee company that serves to support fair-trade farming, we find McDonald's contribution to be groundbreaking for a fast-food restaurant. It puts McDonalds on the radar of socially responsible companies, and reminds us of the importance of delivering products that contribute to a larger cause. 

Buena Vida Coffee may not have millions of dollars to invest in farming, but by buying and selling fair-trade certified coffee, we are doing our part to support farmers and give back to the surrounding community by providing one meal for one child at the Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos Orphanage for every bag of coffee that is purchased.  

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