Follow up: Marquette Global Medical Brigades returns from trip to Nicaragua

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For their spring break Global Medical Brigades trip, 35 members of Marquette University's GMB travled to Nicaragua to set up  healthcare clinics and provide care for preventable illnesses. 

"Our first three days were spent doing medical brigades: setting up a clinic with health professionals, educational materials and medications," said President of  Marquette University's GMB Abigail Frericks. "The final three days of the trip were spent on public health brigades. Here, we broke up into groups and each worked with individual families."

In addition to treating preventable illnesses, the group worked to build cement floors and sanitation units in hopes of decreasing the amount of returning patients they will see the following year. With the help of the Buena Vida Coffee fundraiser, Marquette was also able to send an environmental brigade to Panama to work on community gardening, waste management and reforestation. 

"It's such a unique experience with some of Marquette's finest students," Frericks said. "I am honored to be a part of the organization."

The Marquette University GMB sold just over 200 bags of coffee during their fundraiser. With their contribution, the group was able to fund their trip, while at the same time support 200 children at Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos. Below are pictures from the group's trip.

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