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October is National Fair Trade Month and we want all of our customers to know exactly what they are getting and what it means when our bags of coffee have the fair trade stamp. 

According to Fair Trade USA, fair trade goods are those that can be easily explained as, “fair.” This means consumers are receiving goods produced  from all over the world and  then the farmers are being compensated for their efforts. It is a system of exchange that honors all parties involved in the process. With the fair trade stamp, the goods you are receiving allow that farmer to improve his or her community and day-to-day life. 

Please take a look at this video produced by Fair Trade USA that helps further explain the fair trade process:

Buena Vida Coffee continues to support the fair trade system, and are proud to say that we have three certified fair trade products. While not all are certified Fair Trade, we are committed to providing socially responsible products to our customers that leave an impact in more than one way. We are happy that we are able to support farmers and their communities to continue to live safe and fulfilling lives.


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