Be Fair in Everything

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Fair Trade Month has been all of October and Fair Trade USA and Buena Vida Coffee want to remind you to continue being fair in everything in life. Fair Trade USA put out an interactive website,, that tabulated the results from over 3,000 Americans to provide you with interesting data! 

The website shows how people want fair trade products and want farmers to be equally paid for their products, but also shows that people are fair to others within the United States and even their friends. The website shows how Americans tip the service industry workers well, pay for gas money when carpooling and even use signals when changing lanes! On the other hand though, the website does show some not so fair things people do. This is a good reminder to see things we can change and make better for ourselves. The website even quizzes how “fair” you are! 

Although Fair Trade USA is primarily about giving farmers and workers equal amount of money for their products and services, it is all really great that they are acknowledging other “fair” tasks that people can do. Check out the website at, take the quiz and be apart of the numbers    

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