Fundraising Group Featured: Univ. of Minnesota Global Medical Brigade Plans Trip to Honduras

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Meet Lindsay Kubina, a pharmacy student at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. After her experience with Global Brigades in her undergrad years, she decided to implement Global Brigades at the U of M. This year Kubina and a fellow pharmacy student established a Global Medical Brigades chapter at U of M and recruited 37 students from all disciplines and three health care professionals to travel down to Honduras in January of 2014. 

The agenda for their travels are to set up free mobile clinics in underserved communities with the help from health care professionals. The group provide medical care to those in need and education about public health topics. In addition to providing care and education, the U of M’s Global Medical Brigade looks for donations so they are able to provide patients with medications and supplies in order to provide the best clinic possible. Kubina gives the example about patients with respiratory problems that she witnessed on her last brigades trip:

“Global Brigades has identified this problem as being caused by poor ventilation of ovens in the homes of many of the patients. To help fix this problem, Global Brigades also sends students on Architecture Brigades and Public Health Brigades, where these students work to re-build homes with proper ventilation systems so that future respiratory problems are avoided.”
The mission of the Global Brigades organization is to solve the problem from its roots, not to simply place “a band aid over it.” Right now there is only a Global Medical Brigades chapter at U of M, but they would love to expand to include other brigade trips in the future. 

For trip preparation, the group fundraises. Kubina said they chose Buena Vida Coffee because we provided the prefect way to raise funds, and still support the people in Honduras. Although fundraising is a great way to finance the trip, the group still needs help. To support the University of Minnesota Medical Global Brigades trip in January, they ask for your donations at Medical Brigades at University of Minnesota. And to learn more about Global Brigades programs please visit their website at

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