Top 10 Tips for a Successful Buena Vida Coffee Fundraiser!

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We want your fundraiser with us to be as successful as can be! By doing so we want to include a few tips & words of advice to make it much simpler for you! Please take a look at our 10 tips before you start your fundraiser so you can earn enough money for your next trip! 
  1. Sell to family & friends first! They are the one’s who are closest to you & you should feel the most comfortable asking for their support!
  2. Understand the fundraising process! Buena Vida Coffee is coming out with a “How To” video! We want to make the selling process as easy to understand as possible!
  3. Set a goal! You want it to be challenging, but doable! The Buena Vida Coffee team sets a goal every six months. It helps us strive & do better in order to reach it!
  4. Use your social media! Today is the social networking age! Use your sites to explain your cause and get help from people from all around your network!
  5. Be personal! After making a sale, send a personalized thank you! They go a long way, and will help secure future business for the next time you fundraise!
  6. Speaking of the next time you fundraise, Never stop fundraising! Just because you may not be going on a Global Brigades trip in spring, does not mean you need to stop. Continue supporting the rest of your team by fundraising all year round!
  7. Ask, ask & ask again! People can’t say no if you never ask! You would be surprised about the people who want to help your cause & the Buena Vida Coffee cause!
  8. Tell your story and ours! Let everyone know what you are raising money for & the multiple levels of impact their purchase makes (helping them with you cause, helping to provide meals to children, supporting coffee rural coffee farmers, etc)
  9. Stay focused! Remind yourself why you are fundraising & how the money will help! If you are striking out, do not get discouraged! Just keep trying and turn to other teammates or even US, ( for ideas, inspiration & help!
  10. Have fun! This process should not be difficult, stressful or exhausting! You should be happy and excited to find people who want to donate and help you and your team be successful! It’s an exciting process so enjoy it!

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